Ms. Tostik's Science Page

Food Web Prjoects - due now

June 7  Movie:  The Lorax

June 8  1.  Note:  Comparing Ecosystems2  Handout:  Sustainable Ecosystem Matching.  Article:  Whose Neighbourhood is it?

June 9  2.  Handout:  Ecology Defnitions.  Note:  Food Chains.  Cut & Paste Activity (Hand In- Formative).  Food Chain Organizer a b Animals. 

June 10.  Handout:  Ecosystems & Components 1 2.  Assignments:  Food Chain & Food Webs (Hand In - Summative).

June 13.  Assignment:  Building a Food Web   Organisms (Hand In- Summative).  Note:  Photosynthesis 

June 14.  Note:  Food Pyramids a b.  Bill Nye:  Biodiversity

June 15.  Bill Nye:  Populations.  Note:  Populations a b.  Ecology Quiz. 

June 16   Exam Review:  Chemistry.   Chemistry Review Answers

June 17  Exam Review:  ElectricityElectricity Review Answers.

June 20  Exam Review:  SpaceSpace Review Answers.  & EcologyEcology Review Answers.


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